Company Overview

Mas Energy is a fully integrated investment, development and asset management organization that delivers creative and value-added resource solutions to utilities, private sector companies, cooperatives and municipalities. We discover, develop, own and operate efficient, distributed clean-energy generation systems  that utilize combined heat and power, renewable natural gas, reciprocating engine simple-cycle technology and district energy systems.

Always customer-focused, we discover opportunities and unlock value in assets via acquisition and greenfield development, realizing otherwise unseen potential.

We use our expertise to determine the best  solution for our customers, including hybrid solutions that incorporate battery storage, solar and simple-cycle generation in tandem to allow for instantaneous power to the grid when it makes sense for our customers . 

Our projects provide significant social, environmental and economic value by reducing emissions, lowering carbon footprint and enhancing the overall reliability of energy infrastructure. In developing countries, Mas Energy provides total energy solutions for critical energy to help bridge the gap between power supply and demand.

With more than 150 years of combined energy-development and market experience, Mas Energy has earned the trust of some of the most respected companies, investors, financial institutions, and utilities worldwide, and has cultivated a reputation for delivering best-in-class projects.


3340 Peachtree Road
Suite 170
Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone: +1 404 474 0744